Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Walking in faith - Our Move Part 7

For we walk by faith, not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:7
Our house was up for sale and within two weeks we found ourselves in escrow.  It was amazing -- the housing market in California was going down hill and fast and to find ourselves in escrow was truly something He orchestrated.  We had a moving date and everything looked good.  

But sometimes the Lord has different plans...  Sometimes He wants to take us down a different path...  Sometimes He wants us to learn more about who He is...

We fell out of escrow.  The buyer just decided she was no longer interested.  We had peace but to say it wasn't frustrating would be a lie.  We now found ourselves with the house back on the market and the moving date was now in question.  Lord, we trust You.

There were different job opportunities...  State Farm brought Brent out to Colorado twice which led to another interview and job offer.  Father, we just want to be in the center of Your will.  Lead and guide us... Open and close doors...  

We ended up excepting the 2nd job offer and another moving date was put on the calendar but still the house sat.  

Lord, what do you want us to do?  We need you to bring a buyer for the house... Do we wait until after the baby comes to move?  Do we rent out our house?    

There were so many questions...  It seemed as if the Lord had opened up the door and yet how were we suppose to walk through it in a practical way?  We didn't believe it would be wise to keep our house in California as a rental - the housing market was going down and it would cost us to keep it.  

Prayer.  Seeking.

Lord, You, we want to be where you want us.  And if you are calling us to Colorado we need you to make the path clear... to open doors... to provide... to take care of the details...

Days seemed to creep by.  We were continually seeking Him. It came down to the fact that we believed the Lord had called us.   We believe it was time to move.   So, it was time for us to step out in faith.   Our house was still up for sale and we would keep it that way.  We would also start looking into the possibilities of renting it to another young family.   Our moving date was getting close, Brent was done working at the small company that he ran and so we began to pack up the house.  

Two weeks until we move... one week until we move...

The move was set - we would pack up the moving truck on Thursday and leave Friday.  My parents would be able to come with us...  we'd have plenty of drivers and my parents could help us unload the moving truck, unpack and get settled.  

This baby growing within me was coming in about six weeks.  

But then there was just something we were starting to question...  there was a lack of peace...

What is it Lord?  


We need to wait.

In our human perspective it did not make sense.  The baby was coming so the sooner we got to Colorado the better.  Dad and Mom could only help us this one weekend and we needed their help.  To change our moving date would mean we would have to make the journey by ourselves.

Okay, Lord we trust You.  We'll wait.  

We postponed the move a week.  A week.  What could happen in a week?

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  1. Carrie,
    All I can say is "Wow".
    This "stepping out in faith" thing sounds so romantic, so "for God". But it is not easy, friend, is it?
    I relate to so so much of what you write here.
    Isn't it funny, when we "hear" what God wants us to do, we expect it to flow along easily and freely. Not so! He wants us to have every fiber of our being relying on Him. So hard, but through our circumstances I am beginning to see that so more clearly!!