Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flowers For Momma

A sweet little boy of mine picked flowers and placed them in the vase as a gift for me.

treasureing these days... so much to be thankful for...   recording this for when we have days like this...


  1. You deserve every little precious moment - you have truly captured your little ones hearts! Thanks for who you are and the joy that you bring to all around you!
    PS - posting with 5 kiddos around - kuddos to you!!!

  2. These tender moments are treasures to a momma's heart(Nana's too)and as they are cultivated and more sown will someday be a treasure to a wife. You are blessed beyond measure.

  3. haha... nope, this was not done with the 5 kiddos. I had written it the night before but just wanted to sit on it for a bit. I just posted it while I was replying to an email. :)