Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It became clear - Our Move Part 5

Lord, I give up all my own plans and purposes, all my own desires and hopes, and accept thy will for my life.  I give myself, my time, my all, utterly to thee to be thine forever.  Fill me and seal me with thy Holy Spirit.  Use me as thou wilt, send me where thou wilt, work out thy whole will in my life at any cost, now and forever. Betty Stam

The trip to Colorado was finally upon us and  our days were full of trips to the swimming pool, time with family and getting ready to spend the following week in San Diego to celebrate Brent's grandma's 90th birthday.  

Brent was thoroughly enjoying his time in Colorado.  The teaching was good and with all that we had been going through and all of the questions that were on our mind, Brent was spending a lot of the time in prayer and fasting.  We desperately wanted to know the Lord's will for the next season of our life.  Thy will be done, Lord.  Thy will.

As Brent was spending time with the Lord, it slowly seemed to become clear that it was time for us to move to Colorado.  Lord, take this desire from me.  We don't want to come to Colorado, you made it clear that it was a closed door.  I surrender it.  Take *me* out of this. And as soon as he uttered those words, the Lord began to speak to him...  It's not you, it's Me.

I was finishing up at my first doctors appointment for the coming little one and I get a call on my cell phone,  Hey hon, I think it's time for us to move to Colorado.  
I honestly can't say that I was thrilled...  I was very reserved to the idea.  We had been down this path and I didn't want to get too excited.  

On the last night, Brent was able to drive Eric from Estes Park to his house and then spent a night at the local hotel.  He ended up spending most of the night with the Lord and during those hours at the Lord's throne it became radically clear that it was time.   It was time for our family to move...  it was time for Brent to be transitioned out of running the business...  it was time for the Lord to open the doors and for the Lord to direct our steps... for the Lord to place us...  it was time.

The amazing thing was that in Brent and Eric's drive back to Estes Park the next morning, Eric began to talk of *this discipleship school* that they were finally getting ready to start.  

The Lord's at work here and it goes far beyond our little family.

Brent flew home late Thursday night and we were so blessed to be able to follow up his time in Colorado with a week long vacation in San Diego.  We left early Friday morning and spent much of the drive in prayer.  What was the Lord doing?  Was it really time? 

Finally one night, Brent made the decision that it was time to call Adam.  It was going to be a hard phone call not only because Adam was our Pastor but also because he was Brent's best friend.  We wanted his council.  We wanted to make sure that we had heard from the Lord.  If we had heard from the Lord, which we believed we had, then we would want to walk this out with him.   The call was made and it really ended up being a good phone call. They were still able to laugh together.   

The Lord was beginning to awaken the desire for Colorado again.  It was finally His time for us to move.  Could it be possible?   Yet, even as He was opening the door it was still going to be a walk of faith.  

In some ways, the journey was just beginning.

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