Monday, March 3, 2014

Crazy and Sweet

This place has sat quiet for so long, I almost wonder if I remember it is here at times.  Life seems to have caught us up in a hurricane…  school books and laundry… a life with six kids… another move.

It's the fullness of lives being lived. Yet every now and then I get a little prick.  Sometimes it is so quiet and so light that I have a hard time even hearing it and I quickly move onto the next thought.  Some days, I hear it loud and clear, like today.  

Run… grab your camera…  

it seems to tell me

Stop… record these moments…  

And so, today, in between loads of laundry, and boxes that need to be packed...

Today, while the sun shines and the air is warm...

I stop.  I breathe.  I drink deep all that surrounds me.

There is the boy-man that is now in my life.  He's on the cusp of turning 13…  13!! … 
and here I catch him still playing and I wonder, how is it that he is turning 13.  
It may be the warm air and sun that calls him back to those days of yesterday.  
So today when I saw this, I had to stop, I had to stop and record this moment.   

And, these sweet girls.  Jumping, laughing and enjoying life together.  

It's in these moments when the warmth is refreshing my soul that I remember a simple word.  Grateful.  Yes, yes, there is so much to be grateful for.  School and six kids, moving boxes and laundry.  Our home is full and crazy.  And, yes, I am so grateful.  So grateful.

It's crazy and sweet beauty all at the same time.