Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Goals

Now that summer is here I've been thinking a lot about how we will spend our time.  :)  
Charlotte Mason says, " The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days."

For the kiddos

:: I have been so challenged and inspired with Ann over at Holy Experience and her Endless Gifts that I wanted to start one with John-John and Benjamin.  I got each of them their own notebook and we will be creating a journal for all that they are thankful for this summer.  Our first goal is 100 different things.  They can write down, take pictures, paint, draw or ...  to record all that they are thankful for.  I am so excited about this project!

:: Continue to work on chores - we are adding a couple of new chores to their list.  We will be working on a joyful heart while they are done along with how well they are being done.

:: Even though we are not doing school, we are still working on reading and phonics.  :)

:: Daily Read Alouds 

For Me

I find it a little more challenging to get certain projects done during the school year so I just end up saving them until summer time.  

:: Finish knitting projects.  I'm wanting to make several scarfs for Christmas presents.

:: Get caught up on photo albums

:: My Summer Reading  
The Divine Conquest by A.W. Tozer
Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris
Family Driven Faith by Voddie T. Baucham Jr.
The Hidden Art Of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer
The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot
I actually only have one of the above books so we shall see...  I guess you could say that this is really just my wish list. 

I plan to reread 
Laying Down the Rails: A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook

All of this along with some fun trips, lots of play outside, daily walks, swimming, time with family and friends...  and we will have a beautiful summer!   


  1. I love your very sweet, gentle spirit in all your writing. It really lifts me up!
    Sally C.

  2. I have recently finished Edith Schaeffer's The Hidden Art of Homemaking. It's definitely an encouragement and exhortation to take our homemaking skills to the next level. If you haven't read it, there is much to be gleaned from her book What Is a Family?

  3. What a lovely blog! I found you via Flourishing Mother and had to pop in due to your blog name. I've blogged about our tea parties with tractors on our porch. :) The Joys of Boys! I've read around a few of your posts and plan to come back for a longer visit. I am in Colorado as well. Looks like we're in for some rain this afternoon!