Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Move Part 8

for with God all things are possible.  Mark 10:27

It was amazing that once we postponed the move for a week -

continually being still before Him... listening to His voice... and following His leading...

-there was a peace.  A peace that passes understanding.  We did not know what it was going to look like.  We did not know why the Lord was wanting us to not move for another week.  In some ways we did question it.  We did not understand but we had to trust.  If the Lord was calling us to Colorado He was going to have to direct our steps.  He was going to have to be at work because we could not do it in our own strength.  Nor did we want to do it on our own... our hearts desire was to abide...  to let Him lead.

It was Sunday evening and Brent had been spending a lot of time in prayer -  Seeking the Father - and the Lord let him to a job.  The Lord was placing Brent.  It was a job that fit him perfectly and after a few phone calls, he was hired without even an interview. 

Monday Morning comes and our house ends up being shown.  Tuesday Morning comes and we get a phone call from our agent letting us know that we have an offer on our house.  God was at work.

The Lord was beginning to open our eyes.  He's beginning to let us see,  to see not only why we needed to wait another week but He's allowing us to see that we can trust Him.  He is good.  

Waiting.  Being still another week allowed us to get the house ready for the new buyer.  It opened the door to the right job for Brent.  It allowed us to see His hand at work even more.  

Our trip, our drive, our move to Colorado is filled with God's grace.  I was eight months pregnant and had to drive the Suburban by myself.  God was there.  He carried me.  As much as I would have enjoyed traveling with my Mom, I would not have seen God carry me the way that He did if we had moved the week before.  

On the second day the axle of our car hauler broke in the middle of Nevada.  We had to wait for six hours until a tow truck could bring us another trailer...  yet God was there.  He brought us to a wonderful little rest stop that had a huge mound of dirt for the kiddos to play in...  we had the makings of peanut butter sandwiches...  it was not too hot or too cold...  We saw God's hand directing us, taking care of us, providing.

Amazingly we made it to Colorado just a couple of hours behind schedule.  Sunday morning a group of 12 joined us to help us unload the truck.  These were people we did not know... friends of Eric and Leslie.  What was an impossible task for Brent alone became possible because of His provision.  

He brought us here...  It was His hand at work...  to sit, be still and relish in all that He did in bringing us here is simply amazing. 

Yet we did not know the full extent of what He was doing.  
It simply was the beginning of a new door being opened.  


  1. I am still amazed to hear the details again and to be reminded of His Faithfulness, never too early or late, never less than perfect. His love surrounds us and covers us still in every detail of our lives. It brings tears to my eyes to reflect and makes me sing "To God Be the Glory".

  2. I really enjoy your blog! Your words of encouragement are always appreciated by me! If I can figure it out, I will link my blog to yours.
    Blessings to your sweet family!
    Sally Clarkson