Sunday, June 1, 2008

Seeking Him - Our Move Part 4

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thine ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5,6

A year earlier Brent had the opportunity to make a trade for a really nice bicycle.  It was his dream bike and he had great aspirations of taking the bike out on nice, long rides.   Unfortunately, that never became a reality like he so desired it to.  Because of the season of life we were in with three little ones, our bike rides looked more like a long afternoon stroll.  It was just very challenging for him to get out on his own frequently to use this bike.  So at the beginning of the year he decided it was time to sell the bike.   We tried posting it on Craig's List several times but only ended up selling it about a week before that big Saturday.   I had told Brent that it was his money to use on what he wanted and he just wasn't sure.  He didn't want to just waste it...   
Then as we were making plans for him to go to Colorado it suddenly became clear what the money was to be used for.  It now had a purpose.

The plans were made.  The money had been provided.  God's grace was there, on me, in a super natural way.  We had never spent more than one night away from one another since we had been married and now to think of having Brent spend four nights away, it should have been unbearable.  But there was a peace.  I knew this is where he was suppose to be.  God had made that clear.  

The trip to Colorado was on the calendar and it was something we were looking forward to but it did not cause us to think, maybe the Lord is going to open up the doors now or questioning why He was wanting Brent to go to Colorado...  There would be good teaching there.  Period.

March came and the Lord began to work on our hearts in regards to having another little one. We had listened to a message given by Dr. Voddie Baucham and the Lord used his message to challenge our thinking and show us that we were not done having children.  We were now open to another little one... maybe not right away but we were open.  

April found us inviting a new niece into the family and finding out that same week that we would be welcoming a new little one into our family.  

God was at work.  He was doing something... there was now a little baby due on Christmas day but there was just something else.  We didn't know what it was or when it was going to come to fruition but that something was there.  It was in the midst of our everyday life.  

There were things that were beginning to go on at work.  Brent could see that there were changes within his industry that would be coming and it seemed like there needed to be some big adjustments made there.    Was it time to finally buy the founder of the company out of his portion of the business?

Prayer.  Lots of prayer.  Seeking.

Lord, what is Your heart in this?  What are Your plans?

Thankfully we had been continually walking in counsel with our Pastor and one of the elders. There was one afternoon when Peter called up Brent and they were going over some of the details and he says, "You know Brent, it might just be time for you to leave Procel".

Wow.  That had never crossed or minds and it was a hard one to swallow.  Lord, is it time? What are Your plans?

The cry of our heart was to walk in His ways and to be in His will.

Lord, however hard it is, we will lay it down.  We surrender it, we surrender our plans, we just want You.

What will this look like?  Do we buy the business or is it time to leave?  Do we find another job here in Sonoma County or do we need to look at moving?  So many things to look at... to pray over...  to seek counsel in...

Family.  Family is an important thing in our life.  The thought of moving without family was hard and because we new that Kim and Eric had looked at moving to Texas we thought that might be a good place to start.   

Texas.  There seemed to be plenty of job opportunities and the housing was very affordable. But during the 48 hours that we spent looking into a possible move to Texas we did not feel one ounce of peace about it.  The turmoil was amazing.  But, maybe we were just scared...  we brought it up to the family at a bbq and Kim and Eric kind of gave us this blank stare... they were quiet.  Then they started questioning our reasoning behind Texas.  What?  Not really the reaction we thought they'd give us when we brought up Texas.   
And then we slightly mentioned the idea to our Pastor's Dad that Sunday morning and he said very confidently, "no, you're looking down the wrong path."  
Okay Lord, it's time to close this door.  Your hand it not here and if You are not guiding us, we don't want to walk through it.  

What was the Lord doing?  What does He want us to be doing?  

Brent's time in Colorado was drawing close...  maybe the Lord would make it clear while he was there.  Maybe he needed that time in Colorado to be alone with the Lord.


  1. Just amazing writing Cares! Keep it coming (you can add it all at once next time :))

  2. Carrie,
    This series is speaking to me so much right now. i really relate to your thoughts here as we are going through some similar circumstances.
    i feel so much in "limbo land". I feel peaceful that i am in God's hands, but it feels like a whitwater rafting trip right now!! Unpredictable, and questioning.
    Your testimony is encouraging.