Saturday, June 7, 2008

Completely Amazed - Our Move Part 6

That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.     1 Corinthians 2:5

The following couple of weeks found us constantly seeking Him.  Even though our Pastor believed we had heard from the Lord, he began to question us.  It pushed us into Him even more.  He was our rock and our fortress.  

At the end of June we went on a family camping trip and we prayed about this being the right time to bring up the possible move with my family.  No, just let the Lord direct.   Friday night as we were all sitting around the camp fire my mom begins to ask about the trip to Colorado and what the Lord was doing.  Okay Lord, I guess it's now time.  

As my Dad slept in the tent, we began to share with my Mom, Eric and Kim about the trip and how the Lord seemed to be directing us to Colorado.  Surprisingly they all became excited and said they were ready to move.  They wanted to invest prayer into this but they were open and we were shocked.  As Brent and I went to bed that night we layed there completely in shock, completely scared and completely amazed at seeing the Lord at work. Completely amazed.  

The next morning as we were making breakfast we began to fill my Dad in on the conversation from the night before.  Without hesitation he said that he was in for the adventure.  A trip to Colorado began to be formed...  

Later that afternoon, Brent and Eric had a chance to connect over what fully happened in Colorado and then Eric begins to share how they had been looking at jobs in Colorado for the last month.  The Lord had showed them that Texas was not where He wanted them and He began to fill them with a desire for Colorado.    

The Lord was at work and it went far beyond this little family.

After we got home it was now time to call Brent's mom.  Brent was the son that had a paper route when he was 16 to help contribute money for their monthly needs and he could not go away to college because he needed to stay home to help support his mom.  She had gone through a long battle with breast cancer and we were there several times a week to help her with anything and everything. Brent's older brother lived in Arizona and for us to now talk of moving would mean that she would be without family close by.  This was a dreaded phone call... we did not expect her to receive the news very well.  The Lord was at work though and He had been preparing her for this.  She was able to respond with joy and enthusiasm, never once saying anything negative about our move.  Again, we were completely amazed.

We began to make plans.  Those plans involved making lists and starting projects on the house. If things continued to progress, we would be putting the house up for sale about two weeks after we got back from Colorado.  

Our trip to Colorado was a quick trip with early mornings and late nights.  I remember Eric saying that it didn't feel like we were on vacation, it just felt like home.  How true.   

We had friends standing with us in prayer and the encouragement of those we loved and respected.  Yet, Adam was still having a hard time with the thought of us moving.  He was continually questioning us. We respected and valued what he had to say, we thought about his questions and tried to answer them the best that we could, we wanted to hear his wisdom yet it was an intense time.  It seemed so clear that the Lord was now opening the doors but we were trying to process all of these questions.  Some of which we did not have an answer to.   It was hard, frustrating, intense...  Lord, we need You to make it clear.  

Brent finally had some time to talk with Adam's Dad and seek his council.  Dennis took some time to pray about it with his wife and they came to us several days later to let us know that they fully support us and believed that God was at work here.   

We look to You, Lord, to provide a home and job. 

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  1. Wow, the suspense continues... :) I love your writing about your journey to CO. The words take me right there with you!