Thursday, February 5, 2009


Unaffected modesty is the sweetest charm of female                          excellence, the richest gem in the diadem of her honor.
-From Webster's 1828 Dictionary

I know that it is still the beginning of February, and I know that we still have more snow to grace our world but we are in the midst of swimsuit discussions in our home and have begun looking for swimsuits for this next summer.   Crazy, I know. :) 
So, my question for you is this: Where do you get your swimsuit? Have you found any cute, fun, yet modest swimsuits that are not outrageously expensive?


  1. Goodness, I keep checking back to see what peoples ideas are! I guess we aren't the only ones trying to figure this out.

  2. I have not thought about buying one for the upcoming season yet but I think Land's End has good,modest options.I bought my last suit there. I think it would be worth checking out. :)

  3. I'm sorry Carrie! I just went on the Land's End site to look at some suits. They are so expensive! I know I didn't pay that much for the last one I bought. :/ I did see a couple cute, modest ones though. The size guide is nice on their site too. The other place I have heard of is Newport News.However, I am not sure about how modest their stuff is. I wonder if Old Navy might have a couple modest options? Anyway, sorry about that.

  4. Hey you--I've been catching up here and clicked over on this post. I'm looking at Land's End suits this year, but I do know that Sears carries some of the LE styles for less than the catalog. I have a very hard time finding modest suits, and often end up getting a (long) tankini from LE and board shorts, with a tank top or t-shirt for when I need a bit more coverage. Just ideas... hope you find something!

  5. H. I just found your blog through The Stay At Home Missionary. I have not yet bought a bathing suit. I was able to find cute modest suits for my girls at target.

    For myself however I have not purchased anything. We don't do that much actual swimming, mostly kiddie pools in the yard or creek wading, etc but I do plan to invest in a pair of board shorts, the long ones to the knee. I have not yet figured out the shirt situation though.