Friday, February 20, 2009

Our week in pictures

hmmm...  the simple beauty of a quilt blowing in the wind.

Blanket time

The kiddos want to join me in taking more pictures.  :)  This one was taken by Faith.  :)

My Sweet Faith.  She's been sick this week and just wanted to sit outside. 
 She's actually almost asleep in this picture.

I just love seeing the boys in their jeans and cowboy boots.


  1. Love the pictures, especially the one Faith took. Loving you all this day.

  2. Great Photo's! I too adore my son's cowboy boots!

  3. precious. hope faith feels better. its been one tough week for sick babies and mommies!

  4. Cares
    Your pictures are just amazing! I can't believe what a great photographer you have when do we get our photo shoot???
    Love ya

  5. Yes...every boy should own a good pair of cowboy boots!