Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My little love

It's amazing to look at each of the little one's God has blessed you with and see completely different individuals.  They are all unique,  they each have their own passions and they each teach us different things.


It's funny to look back to the first couple years of your life, all you cared about, all you wanted to do was to follow your older brother and copy everything he did.  I wanted to see you become your own person and would continually encouarage you to not copy him. I loved seeing you become you...  Yet, I realize that even then, when you were following your brother, I was seeing you.  

You, my son are so full of love.  You love deeply. You love those around you and you love life. 

You showed me that during that season when you followed and copied your brother it was simply because you loved him.  You no longer copy everything he does but that has not changed your love.

You make me smile and brighten my day with your hugs and kisses. You are always reminding those you love how much you love them and I know it blesses them.  

And in this you challenge me...


  1. What a great post for B - since he was so little I remember him always making sure to give a hug, a kiss and a 'I love you Auntie Mer' each and every time I saw him - it still brings such joy to me!

  2. This boy is so truly in my heart-I love his personality full of passion and love. I'm so glad this is being nurtured in him and not robbed by the world.

  3. So beautiful. I always love coming here and reading about your sweet mother's heart. I appreciate you!!

  4. Your children are very blessed to have you for their mother. God bless all of you!