Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I woke up late. ugh.  It always seems to ruin my morning...  I start out running behind and it feels as if I will never catch up.   

Breakfast to make, kids to get dressed, chores to get done. 

|Lord, where is the peace in our home?  Why is everyone so crabby today?

I go on.  Correcting and training.  It seems like I am noticing every wrong and my words come quick but then I have to ask myself,  Are they marked by Him?

Time for school is upon us and still the attitudes are there.  

|Where's my joy?   

Lunch and more chores.  It's been such a long morning but we've just got to press on through quiet time.   

I sit down and it seems like now my eyes are being opened.  He begins to stir me.  

|Lord, where are you today?  I need your mercy and grace.  I can't do this on my own... 

And then I remember my morning.  It was me.  I started the day wrong and it seemed to carry over to everyone else.  

Forgive me, Lord. Forgive me.   And He comes... rushing in... flooding me... washing me... cleaning me...

|O Lord, how I need You.  

And I come and sit at His feet...  I'm still in His presence and He quiets me.  He fills me with joy and peace. And I learn.      

Now.  Now, I am ready for a fun, joy filled evening. 

|Thank you, Father.  Thank you.   You are good.


  1. Cares,
    What a beautiful post. You always can put into words what I have felt at times too! I am glad the joy came in.

  2. isn't it awesome how when we accept His grace and just let go how wonderful we feel. I really enjoyed this post. thank you!

  3. I wrote a very similar post this week! Isn't it amazing how He can refresh and encourage us, especially as mothers?

    Have a blessed weekend, Carrie!