Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Time

The days are starting to shorten, the mornings are just a little cooler and you can begin to see the leaves starting to change.  It seems like everyone is beginning to welcome fall...   

I use to be the girl whose favorite season was the next one coming but I guess I have changed... I still love the changing seasons but somehow and at some point Fall seemed to creep it's way up to be my favorite season.   Maybe it is the welcoming of the cooler days or the start of a new school year and the schedule it invites into our lives...  maybe it is the smell of candles in the evening or being able to now enjoy a warm soup for dinner...  maybe it is the changing colors on the trees around us or the preparations that start for the coming holiday season.   Although, I don't really think I can just single out one thing that causes this season to hold such a treasured place in my life, instead it is the combination of all that it welcomes.  

This is our first fall in Colorado and I am anxiously awaiting the experience all of the new sights, sounds, smells and touches that will be surrounding us.       

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  1. Enjoy fall in Colorado! It's wonderful! I'm already missing it!