Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where it all began - Our Move Part 1

To tell the story we must start at the beginning, the very beginning.  Even then I have to ask myself is that really when the Lord began to work or was He at work even before we realized?

Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desire of thine heart. Psalm 37:4

We had both read the book His Perfect Faithfulness by Eric and Leslie Ludy when we were just becoming friends.  We had Eric and Leslie out to California for seminars; we loved their ministry and what they stood for and Brent would occasionally talk with Eric on the phone.  I would never say we were close friends...  friends, yes but we did not know them intimately.

Then one day in November we got a letter from them.  It wasn't a personal letter to just us but a letter to all who had supported them in their ministry at some point in the past.  Brent came over to my parents house that night after a long day at work and we sat in their living room to read the letter.  

It was at that point something happened.  Eric and Leslie began painting a picture of a discipleship school that they wanted to start...  "the ranch" was the first name that it was given almost ten years ago.  Somehow while reading the letter, in those brief minutes, the Lord began to awaken a desire within us.  A desire for Colorado.  A longing to be a part of this "ranch".  After we read this letter we put it down and just looked at each other.  We started talking and in amazement the Lord was speaking to both of us about Colorado.  

We didn't know what it would look like at that moment.  But we knew that we wanted, needed to be a part of that dream.  Somehow, it was no longer just their dream but it became our dream.  

The following days, weeks and months would include talk of Colorado.  The Lord had filled us with vision for this school and we would often wonder what our role in it would be.  Would we really end up moving to Colorado?  When?  How?  


  1. Carrie,
    I love stories like this. I look forward to hearing more!!

  2. Hi! I came across your blog a little while ago and enjoy reading. You know Eric and Leslie Ludy?? They are like my all time favorite authors. We used their Perfect Wedding book and some of their songs at our wedding! Authentic Beauty was a book written for me (haha) and God was soo faithful to send that earthly prince to me! Just had to comment! I'm interested in reading more about this ranch.
    You have such a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing with us readers, even if we don't comment much!