Monday, May 12, 2008

Children's Book Monday

The Pony Ride Business
Written by Dianne
Illustrated by Dolores
Uselman Johnson

"An inspiring story about responsibility and young entrepreneurs".

Brandon and his sister Lauren live on a farm and Brandon loves ponies. He desires to have his own pony, so he works with his family and figures out a way to earn the money needed to possibly get one. You watch them work and save money during the summer for Brandon's goal. Once they reach their goal they create their Pony Ride Business to earn money for the grain, hay and saddle. Brandon and Lauren get an extra surprise at the end of the summer. :)

The pictures are cute and it is fun seeing the family work together in finding "jobs" for Brandon to do. The brother and sister help each other and show love in their actions. Brandon and Lauren learn about working diligently and saving money.

My two boys love to think of different ways to earn money, trying to create different little companies, so they adored this book and it quickly got them thinking about what they could do. It was a wonderful book and helped to encourage that entrepreneurial spirit.

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  1. My girl, As industrious as your boys are I can imagine in no time Ben with big brothers help will be saving for that puppy 8-)
    I think this type of dilligence that got not only from their daddy but also from you-remember your horse business idea!
    great post.

  2. That's exactly where Benjamin's mind went... how could he save for a dog this summer. :)

  3. This sounds/looks so great! I love the lesson it teaches, too- I know my boys will love it! Thank you, friend!