Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Life

It's an absolutely beautiful day here...  warm air and a bright sun were calling us and we found ourselves outside most of the morning doing school.  Our windows are open, flooding our home with fresh air...  

Lunch time came and it seems like from that point on I could not get a break to breath.  :)  All of the sudden it seemed to become one of those days.   

Lunch for little ones, cookies being made, one mess to clean up after another, helping hubby with a work project and then trying to clean up the kitchen.  A little girl emptying out items from the fridge, little men playing in the dirt coming in for water to make mud, little pieces of mud finding their way into the kitchen, still trying to clean the kitchen, hubby comes home and is ready for lunch...  hands to wash, faces to clean and I find myself still trying to clean up the kitchen and now the floor needs vacuumed and the fridge wiped down, little finger prints now covered the sliding door.

But as I stood there at the kitchen sink, breathing in the fresh air, I realized that it was my choice to let it become one of those days.  Then I was reminded that all of this that is happening here is because our home is full of life.  Life.    

Little lives are being fed and taught.  They are learning to love and cherish their brothers and sisters, to work together, to serve one another.  They are enjoying the beautiful day, drinking in the warmth, putting their hands to work and creating.    

If my home was quiet and always put together then that would be evidence that no one actually lived here.  If our house was always perfect, you would not find people dreaming and loving, working and playing.    

So, even though all this work is making this Momma tired today, I still find myself thankful for the evidence of life within these walls.  Thankful that there are dishes to do, a kitchen to clean, a floor to vacuum and finger prints to clean off the door...  and I'm thankful for the times that I do get interrupted from doing these things by calls from those I love...  "Momma, come see the garage I made for my tractor."  

Yes, a long day but a good day.  A day full of Life and I really don't want it any other way.

And now, our afternoon brings quiet time.  So I'm thinking I'll go grab one of those cookies we made, a good book, a blanket and find my way outside to enjoy some more of this fresh air.

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  1. Oh! I AGREE!!! LIFE... that is what we want in our homes, isn't it. I can so totally relate to this post... Wonderfully written, Carrie. Enjoy your quiet time, though, before it all starts again! :o)

  2. beautifully written! Just what I needed to read.

  3. Your home always over flows with life - your little ones are loved, cherished and encouraged in all they do - they will rise up one day and bless you!

  4. Those days can be sooo good, but sooo draining, and that's OK. Enjoy that wonderful weather, and those precious little ones!

  5. Thank you so much for your encouragement. This is exactly what I needed and have been pondering today. The Lord really uses us to support and uplift each other, doesn't he?

  6. ivegot5 - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment... yep, the Lord does use us to encourage and challenge one another. :)