Monday, January 12, 2009

Joy To The World

Two weeks after Christmas still finds one of my little men continually singing Joy To The World.  And I mean continually....  this morning as he sat there singing while he was building with his legos, I found myself thinking... pondering... praying...

Joy To The World
Yes, Joy to the world, my son.  

The Lord Has Come
Our Lord has come.  Our Savior.  My son, grab the words... 
He came for me,  He came for you.  He has come...  

Let Earth Receive Her King
Yes, let us receive him.  O Father, help us, help me, help us to receive You in Your fullness.  

Let every heart prepare Him room
O Lord, let our hearts be fully open...  Come, Come Lord Jesus.  We want You.  All of You.

And Heaven and Nature Sing. And Heaven and Nature Sing
Yes, Lord.  May singing, may joy flow from the depths of our being.  May our lives sing.  Thank you Lord from coming...  Thank you for the singing we see in nature, the singing that is all around us.  All heaven and nature sings...  

And Heaven and Nature Sing... And Heaven and Nature Sing... 


  1. Beautiful post daughter~I think I heard him singing just now when I delivered cookies. May His Joy fill every cell of our beings and may all your children and their children know Him in fullness and in glory.

  2. That is so sweet :)
    You always take the ordinary and turn it into something beautiful!

  3. Care, I just gave you an award so hop on over and get it.

  4. I loved reading this! My kids are still singing Away in a Manger, multiple times a day.My 2 year old says it her own way of course. ;) Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Wonderful thoughts and prayers. It's great how you notice the beauty in something so simple and every day as a child singing. :o)

    Have a wonderful day, friend!

  6. Hi Kimberly,
    I could be wrong, but I'm thinking you are the Kimberly that emailed???

    It was great to get your comment! I love the picture of your family! :)