Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Rains

Being a California girl, I knew nothing of the thing.  Rain, it came in winter.  

I was seven years old when we made our cross country trip, visiting friends and family in many different states.  One stop was at my Aunt's home in West Virgina.  I remember spending the day out sight-seeing in her small town, riding a Double-Decker bus and then it came... the rain and thunder.   Everything within me screamed that I needed warm clothes and hot chocolate. After all, it only rained when it was cold, right?  We made our way back to my Aunt's home and I quickly dawned my new prairie skirt and turtleneck while we sat in her screened-in-room and listened to a mighty thunder storm.  

Here I am, several years later, in my home.  I'm standing against the slider soaking in the warmth of a summer day and I see the clouds coming, knowing that a summer rain is on its way. I have never heard as much thunder in my life as I have heard since moving to Colorado and I have come to thoroughly love it.  

The clouds come, getting closer and closer and the rain starts falling.  Slowly and randomly at first and then it begins to get stronger and faster. The thunder begins...   I stand there and close my eyes, drinking in all that is around me.

To hear the sound of a summer rain...  the smells...

It's fresh... it washes... it cools... it cleanses...  

And my heart swells within me, I'm thankful.  I have so much to be thankful for.

The rains last only for a minute but in that minute it causes me to stop, to listen, to smell, to breath and to be still.  

It is good.

Then to see the end of the clouds, to see the glourious blue skies again, and to feel the warmth of the sun returning.   It is good.  

How I love a good rain.


  1. A great post!!!! It was fun to be caught in the hail but this time I got drenched and the temp dropped 20 degrees but I stopped to look at the sky, just to make sure there wasn't green clouds. Bless you in your wriitng, it is good.

  2. One of my favorite things(and memories) of summer are the afternoon thunder storms. We have had them everyday this week-love it!!

  3. I loved the afternoon thunderstorms/downpours that would come in the afternoons in CO. I miss those! Enjoy them for me!