Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm great at coming up with projects.  I think it must have started when he worked out in the garage for months and months after work. I saw his hands work hard.  I saw the beautiful work that came forth. Closet organizers...  hope chests... an overhang...

After we moved into our first house and John-John had his own room, it only seemed natural to ask Dad to build him a bookshelf.  He was still working and the project slowly came together in the afternoons.  And then a couple of years later I saw this dollhouse bookcase in a magazine that I loved and thought would be perfect for Faith's room.  I would hint and then I would beg and plead...  he finally (and maybe a bit reluctantly) began working on it.  It was amazing.

Then I saw a doll bed in this same catalog that I thought Dad could make with the boys... it turned into a Christmas present.  A present to treasure.

A couple of months ago, I found a grand idea for storage under the boys bunk bed.  Hey Dad.  Another email was sent with the picture attached.   He grabbed the boys and they went shopping for the supplies. A couple of afternoons later and it was done.

I already have more plans.

But, I wonder, if he dreads my emails.  :)  


  1. Carrie, Thanks for your post --- The answer to your question; No I don't dread your emails and look forward to the projects with the boys so keep them coming !! P.S. tell the boys not to over load the storage boxes --- they will not be able to pull them out :o)

  2. awww, how sweet that your Dad answered. =0) I was just thinking, "I'll bet he doesn't mind a bit." What precious times he is having with his grandkids and clearly they are learning some amazing skill!

  3. Was the dollhouse bookcase in a Pottery Barn kids magazine? :) Because I had my BIL copy the EXACT one for my Annie! :)

    Love the Edith Scaeffer quote!

  4. Amy, Yes!!! Don't you just love the ideas you get from Pottery Barn Kids?

  5. i tkink you should rename your blog happy're too happy.Congratulation!^^^^^

  6. Oh wow, LOVE the storage under the bed! My son's bed has storage but Im looking for idea's on how to add storage under my girls bunk beds. These turned out great!!