Wednesday, February 16, 2011

He's two years younger then his brother and already he is inches away from being the same height and if you have them step on the scale you see that already he weighs more. We've always told his older brother that he needs to be careful, his brother will all too soon pass him up.
He gets dirty, puts holes in his pants too fast, he can challenge his brother in a wrestling match, needs to be reminded to change his socks, loves to climb trees, and he can throw a mean pillow in a pillow fight.

Yet, he loves nothing more then hold your hand as we walk or to sit next to you with his arm around you, he rubs his daddy's back and cries when he finds out that his Daddy is not going to be home all day on Valentine's Day.

He loves with every fiber of his being.

Today as he sat reading to me, he slowly made his way into my lap.  He kept reading but my mind started wandering...  Here is my son, seven years old and about the size of his brother, climbing into my lap and it's not the first time it's happened in the last few weeks or months.  I put my arms around his stomach and thank the Lord for this moment.   I rest my chin on his head, and I pray that the Lord would bless him, I pray that the he would love the Lord with every fiber of his being because that's how he loves.

He plays hard and he loves hard.

((I'm treasuring these days))

Oh, my son.  We love you.


  1. You know that all the grands have my heart but this one-fills my heart with joy! He has some of the same passions I have and I pray he will be consumed with a love for the Lord, all the days of his life. Love him I do, he always brings me a smile.

  2. awww, seriously, you just described my youngest! He plays hard and he loves hard. ♥ He is 18 months younger than his brother...2in shorter and 3lbs lighter. Cherishing these moments too and so thankful to recognize them!