Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm sitting outside right now. Enjoying the afternoon and it's warmth, enjoying the gentle breeze... The first day of fall comes next week but it's here already. I can feel fall in my bones. I can smell it and taste it and oh, how it makes me smile.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself wanting to hold onto summer. I didn't want to let the warm days go, I wasn't ready for a daily schedule to return, or for our evenings outside to end earlier. But, here we are. School has returned and how good it feels to fall back into a routine. Evening walks find us walking under the moon and stars and then all of a sudden I start to remember. I remember how much I love fall. The cooler mornings and the warm afternoons. It will soon be time for soups and candles.

So, maybe we can just hold onto fall a little longer this year and maybe the holidays won't be here so quick? :)


We spent our morning outside doing school. Reading our books on a blanket, painting pictures and exploring. We found ourselves simply enjoying all that surrounds us. Enjoying His creation.

This afternoon we enjoyed a bike ride and piano lessons. We climbed up and picked fresh peaches from our tree, quickly eating one and then two, laughing as the juice ran down our arms.

Fridays are beautiful.


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  1. You and yours are beautiful my daughter. I so remember those days and the joy we shared. I too remember hikes in the hills, with your beloved, to pray for our family and for those in our lives. Such sweet memories! Hugs to you today.