Thursday, September 23, 2010


She stops, pausing for a minute and then looks at me.

My favorite name is Mama.

Quickly she starts playing again.

My heart ponders her words.

I just want to soak in what she said.

Some days are long and hard.

Some days are full of joy and laughter.

But there is nothing else I would rather be doing.

Again, she stops. She's been thinking of names for a baby and she looks at me.



My favorite name is Mama.

Her words are a balm

They are sweetness.

I pause again. To soak in.

To remember this moment.

It's a moment to treasure.

A moment to store away.


And then I stop.

How our Father must love it when our favorite name to call on is His.


  1. So sweet, yes I do imagine that it makes Him smile when we call Papa.

  2. Precious. That must have warmed your mama heart! And what a beautiful parallel, too!

  3. yes, such a sweet name. what a gift. =0)

  4. I loved this! Thanks for sharing such a sweet and precious memory. :)