Monday, September 6, 2010

This last week found us enjoying a simply wonderful vacation. It was full of family, full of warmth and sunshine and full of relaxing moments. We breathed in the tropical air, walked in the sand enjoying the sound of the ocean, we jumped in the pool and played in the hammock.

The vacation itself came together about five weeks ago much to our surprise. We had been talking about it... dreaming about it... for a couple of years. We had planned to do it for our tenth anniversary last year but it was not able to come together.

Then all of the sudden we came across an airline sale that also had milage seats available... talked to this guy that needed to get rid of his week at a resort... made a few phone calls... and quickly bit by bit it all came together. It was the hand of God and nothing less.

This week we find ourselves thankful for

:::Safe Travel:::

:::Memories Made:::

:::Quiet Moments:::

:::His hand providing:::



  1. Oh I am so happy for you!!!!! What a wonderful surprise! =0)

  2. Carrie, how wonderful for you and your family. So glad to have read this and thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Best of luck with the new school year. Praying for you!