Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Precious Little One

It's been a year since we found out that a fourth little baby would be joining our lives and boy have we been blessed.  Two boys, two girls... simply amazing. Our precious Olivia Grace, it has been such a joy to have you in our lives. Your brothers and sister love holding you and showering you with kisses... they absolutely adore you. God is so good and we thank Him for the gift of your life every time we look at you!

You are now three months old and you are starting to leave the "newborn" look behind. You are full of smiles and laughs and you are just beginning to talk to us. It's simply music to our ears to hear you laugh and talk.

My precious one, I look forward to all that the tomorrows will hold but I don't want to loose sight of today! I will treasure today and all that it brings... The peace of holding you close in my arms while you sleep, your sweet eyes looking at me, your smile and even your cries bring joy to my heart.

Thank you Father, for the blessing of this precious little one. You are so, so good to us.


  1. Your children are precious. The years fly by.....enjoy them as they are all underfoot right now.... Mine are slowly leaving the nest.

    I am new to blogging and love meeting new people.

    Have a blessed night,

  2. What a precious little face! Children truly are a blessing from God above.

  3. I can't believe how fast the time has gone since you shared there was going to be a little Christmas miracle on the way - she is truly a joy and is filled with Grace and peace. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for her.
    See I posted a comment :)

  4. As a nana there is such joy watching our little ones grow, it brings tears to my eyes. God is so good to us, all the time! Dad loves the pic's on your blog but wants one of Liv for the fridge.
    May you grow in grace and in the knowledge of Him who gives life.