Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Cuteness...

Is that even a word?  I don't think it qualifies for a "real" word except for when you have little ones running around in your home. :) I just looked for the word in the dictionary and it was not there but for some reason it does not come up as a misspelled word when I check for spelling???


Last night as we were getting ready for bed John-John started brainstorming.  This is nothing new if you know this little boy... he is always coming up with creative ideas to participate in or something new to build.  So, he starts talking, "We need to set up row after row of chairs in our driveway and then we'll build a big stage at the bottom of our driveway/start of the court.  That way we can start having discipleship outside and all our friends can hear about Jesus.  We'll get all of our instruments out, I'll play the keyboard, Benjamin will do the bongos and Faith will play the drums.  Dad will stand up there with Pastor Ben and hold his Bible while he preaches the Word."  He then went on and on about how they'll build the stage and how we'll have notes to pass out...  
I love it!  A little street evangelism! :)


Today as we were doing school we started talking about Benjamin being able to do real school with us next year.  Benjamin is just so excited that he will have his own "official" school books and then John-John chimes in that because "it will be so much work for me to be teaching both of the boys" that he'll step in to help, "You know Mom, I'll be able to teach Benjamin all the math I have already learned!"   I thought that was so precious, especially after the fun we had while on a walk with them racing. :)


Brent and I can not help but laugh at this one... every time one of her brothers aggravates her, Faith likes to say, "You soaking wet" to them. She musters up as much shear resolve as she can and utters those three words. She heard this saying in a movie (although, they were just saying, "you're soaking wet" when one of the characters fell in a pool) and has grabbed hold of it as her way to punish the boys when they do something that she does not like. It just cracks us up to hear her say it, but we muffle those laughs as we get up to train her that saying that is not a proper way to respond to her brothers.  :)



  1. What a hoot! I can just see all of this taking place. Eric says he is going to build John-John the stage and just say here buddy...too cute

  2. This makes me laugh so much, three, no actually four, precious hearts so in love with the Savior. You have done well daughter, "your children will rise up and call you blessed".

  3. What a little evangelist you have on your hands! Praise God!!