Friday, April 3, 2009

Our week in pictures

Our moments have been spent simply.



working and serving

holding and loving

We are suppose to get another big winter storm tomorrow, so I think we will be spending the day inside...  enjoying the fireplace and some family games.  I pray you have a wonderful, peaceful weekend.


  1. What a lovely, relaxing week...the fireplace and family games sound so nice also...:)

    To answer your question on my blog...we live on 5 acres in a valley. It is SO NICE! We have a bit more land elsewhere, but the 5 acres here are is pretty private, as you have to come down a 1200 foot driveway to get to our home (see my banner pic on blog...hows that for a driveway? lol!)
    Right now all we have for animals are one steer (we are 'beefing' him up for market...his name is Nicodemus! :D) and like 5 outdoor cats! LOL! We did have chickens and I so want to have them again 'cause the eggs were wonderful. We have to devise a better system of keeping coons/possums and other critters out of their pens, though! ;-) Otherwise, we are always dealing w/dead & missing chickens! We also want to get a pig or two...some of our animal dreams we put on hold a bit until the kids are just a wee bit older and can manage the chores all by themselves...:D

    Thanks for asking! How about you? Do you have a lot space where you are at in CO? Animals? It has been great getting to 'know' you, I so enjoy your posts! They always encourage me in the Lord!

    Blessings! Amy

  2. What a delightful picture of your daughter in that second photo! Sounds like a lovely week, and I hope you have a wonderful, cozy weekend in your home! :o)

  3. So sweet. and how wonderful that your little ones help out. he sure has a servant's heart!