Monday, April 6, 2009

Enjoying God's Creation

We got a call from my Mom today, The fox has five babies and they are out playing around...

We finished the project we were working on, grabbed the camera and jumped into the van.  We were anxious to see the fox and her cubs but I wondered if they'd still be out playing.  All eyes were peered onto the grass area where we knew their den was...  ah, we see them as squeals began to erupt from the back of the van.  We see them!  

We went and parked, watching them play and wrestle with one another, watching the Mom as she guarded the opening to their den..  It was such a special time.  Then we made the quick trek home. 

This afternoon as found us reading on the fox.  Reading about her tail, the den that she makes, what she eats, and finding out how old the cubs probably are.    

What was so interesting is that a fox will usually only have 4-5 cubs while our fox had 9 little cubs running around.

We found ourselves thankful for this day... thankful for being able to watch and enjoy God's creation... 


  1. Oh, I so love those real life learning moments! :) Great photos! My kids would have been CRAZY about the foxes...probably would have talked about it for weeks! LOL!

    PS-If you don't mind, I might do a "Our week in pictures" that ok? I will link back to your site as the creator of the idea! :)

  2. What a wonderful experience-and bravo for remembering to bring the camera! So often I forget to take pictures!

  3. I gave you a blog award! :D Check out my blog for details! :P


  4. Wow! What an exciting day for you and your little ones. Talk about "hands on learning!"