Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I've said all along that I was in denial.  How could we be leaving our home, a home that the Lord brought us to?  Even now, as our belongings fill our new home, pictures will crop up and I'll pause, wondering why we are here.     

I quickly remember though.  It was God who brought us there and God who brought us out.  He is good!  

And I learn again,  it's not the structure that we live in that makes a home.  It's the family that brings life to that home.  

Today we sit and soak in the sunshine.  Today we unpack boxes, decide where to hang pictures, and make plans for the land.  This land that the Lord has given us.  It's a new season.  


  1. I must be very tired today because this brought me to tears. Yes the Lord indeed blessed your last nest and He has great plans, even if unseen, for this one as well. Settling in will take some time, but I'm confident that you will all be richly blessed. I'm thankful your hubby has less of a commute now. Thankful too that you'll be so much closer. What fun we will have.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Carrie. We are excited to have another on the way. I'm in the tired stage of the first trimester, and busy with a ten month old. It's such a fun age though! :-)

    You'll have to drop me an email sometime and tell me where you've moved to.

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