Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paul and Silas

The planning started last February.  We were enjoying a nice dinner with some dear friends and they began talking about this idea they had.  Would we be able to help them, they asked.  Of course.  He wrote the play, planned the music.  We listened and offered encouragement.  We all sat and planned together.  

The kids started working on it at the end of April.  Each child had a part.  There were lines to memorize and songs to learn.  Several nights a week we'd get out the play with the boys and go through their parts and once a week we'd get together and practice as a group.

And then came the night of the drama.  Excitement was in the air.  
The Church was full.  They were ready.  

                                  Benjamin --  Paul                                   Faith - A Messenger

                                                                        John -- Jesus

 They did it!  It was such a beautiful evening...

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  1. I still can't get over how well it came together. Ben was amazing - never a missed line or stumble. John played Jesus is a way on other could have. Faith and Olivia were so sweet and did wonderful! What a night :)
    Auntie Mer