Monday, February 27, 2012


We dreamed of the coming Spring days.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

making a decision...

The invitation had been received and accepted.  Our friends were having a Valentine's Day party and we were going!  Excitement filled the air.  The Valentine's Day cards had been made.   Everything planned.

And then our sweet little one woke up from her nap not feeling well and soon she was getting sick.  Questions and disappointment filled the air.

"Could Daddy watch her while we still went?"

"Can we ride our bikes and just tell Miss Audrey that Alaina is sick and that you had to stay home with her?"

"I wish the boys could just drive the lawnmower and then pull the girls in the sled behind it so we could still go."
...Our sick little one still smiling...

Before bed we talked about the fact that yes, it is awfully sad that we were not going to be able to spend the afternoon with our friends sharing our special cards and playing games, but we needed to make a decision.  They had to decide that we could still have a fun day.  

We needed to just make the best of it.

And that's just what we did!

Daddy was our hero and ran to the store early this morning so that we'd have bagels for breakfast, the supplies to make cupcakes and special snacks during our own party.

They spend the morning before school decorating and preparing games.

School was accomplished and...

then our little party began.  We hid little goodies around the house, we talked and laughed, we made little surprises for Daddy.

Auntie Mer was able to pick up our Valentine's Day cards and then bring back their goodie bags so that we were still able to feel a little bit a part of the party.  What a great Auntie!

Yes, it was still sad that we missed the party but it was decided...  we still had a wonderful day!

Friday, February 3, 2012

favorite books

It's a white world outside and we're nice and warm, cuddled under blankets, talking about our favorite books this year.  

... several of the books we've read this year ... just for you Kimmers. :)

Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of Nimh by Robert C. O'Brian
John: Mrs. Frisby's son, Timothy, was sick and it was getting close to summer.  Each summer they would move to their summer home but they couldn't this year, not until Timothy got better. She discovered that her husband was friends with the rats and so she went to them for help. The rats were able to help her move her home so that the farmer did not destroy it.  

The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss
Benjamin: The family was on a boat traveling but they were in a big storm and their boat was destroyed and all the crew lost.  They made a raft so that they could get to the island that was nearby.  Once they were there they began making a home and worked on getting everything off of the ship.  It continues with  the stories of their time on the island until they were rescued.

Boy of the Pyramids by Ruth Fosdick Jones
John: In one chapter Kaffe and Sari set to play shepherd and have a picnic.  All of a sudden the waters started rising and they were trapped.  They were helped by a man and taken home.  This man ended up being a thief.