Monday, March 28, 2011

It was in the last couple of days that I realized that I have been writing here for three years.  I'm not sure why it crossed my mind, but it did, and so I sat down and started going through some old posts that I never hit the publish button on.  I found this one, it was written in the first week or two...  ((My oldest has now just turned ten.  Yikes!! ))  I think there would be a lot that I would add to it if I was to write it now, but I found that it spoke to me today.  And so, three years later, I am now hitting "publish post".


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is so much that can pull at us on a daily basis. So many things that I want to do. Yet, I often have to ask myself, "What is the Lord calling me to do in this season? This month? This week or today?" I've already come to the realization that time passes quickly... My first baby just turned seven. I want to embrace today, squeeze all that I can out of it. I want to spend my time fully investing in all that the Lord has called me to do.

 What has He called me to invest in today?
  • My Walk with the Lord
  • My dear beloved husband
  • My precious children
  • My home
Those are my main priorities.   Yes, my friends are very important and so is everything going on at church, I have those projects I want to work on and those books that I want to read and...  and...  Those things that pull at me are all "good" things but is it God's best for me during this season?  Is it God's best today?  Am I staying focused on what I need to today?

Then I also have to remember that we are at a different place then some of those that are around us.

I want to daily be seeking Him for His best, I want to know His heart for my family.  Father, I pray that you would give me open eyes to see where we should be spending our time, what we should be investing in.  Fill us with wisdom Lord God so that You might be glorified in and through us.   

(image from Artposters)

Friday, March 25, 2011

The challenge has been how we will fit three girls into one room... three beds; three sets of girls clothes into one closet; a special place for their treasured toys and books...

Thanks to my sister, we were able to find this dresser on Craigslist.  We brought it home and painted it.  We still need to add some knobs but already it is serving the girlies.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I noticed that he was concentrating hard on something.   First there was a gathering of Lego men and then some more Lego supplies.  This was nothing new though.  Lego's have been a part of his life for years.  It will sometimes start first thing in the morning, the Lego's get spread out in their play room and the building process starts, sometimes lasting for hours and days.

I could tell he had other plans.  It was more then just building.

The Lego men started gathering by the back door.  Soon he was asking if he could borrow the camera.

"Big guy, what are you wanting to do?" I quickly asked.

"Oh, I just want to take pictures of my lego men in battle.   Then we can print them off and I'll make a comic strip."  he replied.

He was soon gone with the camera hanging around his neck.  The afternoon was spent as he created scenes outside in the dirt, took the pictures, printed them out, glued them into his notebook and added the captions.

He was thrilled with the final outcome of his time spent.

And today?  The army men are being set up and the video camera is ready.  A movie is being made in our home.

I love watching these creative moments....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring

A Prayer in Spring
(Author Unknown)

We take joy in the green leaves and the blossoming flowers.
Soon the plants will grow and harvest time is coming.

We take joy in the buds and verdant green,
Soon the warmth will clothe the land.

We take pleasure in the return of the swallows,
the skies filled with birds of the air.

This earth once again produces it's miracle, 
life born out of death, the miracle of Springtime.

Friday, March 18, 2011

These boys...

just crack me up.

This guy, the one who wants to make everyone laugh, decided that life would be so much better if his face was covered in chocolate.

And his brother, the one who everyone calls a young engineer, decided that when we was drawing a picture for school, we needed to know how tall the tree was.

Friday, March 4, 2011

 Sunday we went to the outdoor ice rink and the kiddos had so much fun.   
They are now continually asking if we can go again...

 Our week also found us enjoying some time with family.  We walked along a local trail and just marveled at the beauty of the day.

Last night I found some flowers on clearance at the grocery store.  I was with the girlies and we decided that we should just snatch them up.  We love the simple beauty and have had fun using the camera today while playing with them.