Sunday, July 13, 2014


The plans were to pack up on Friday and spend the weekend camping in the mountains.  Lists had been made and food bought…  but then on Thursday several fell sick and because it just wasn't just our family camping, we decided to stay home and keep our germs to ourselves.  That left our Saturday open and the question was quickly asked, "so, what will we do?"….  We talked of still going up to the mountains, or of going to a local lake, but after a quick search we found a park that we had yet to explore.  Off we went...

It really was such a fun and relaxing day; another reminder that, 
yes, we can still have fun when plans have to change.   


  1. Great pictures! Beautiful family! <3

  2. How you were missed!!! But, I am glad you guys were able to have this special day. It looks beautiful up there and I really need the name of the park :)

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  4. Beautiful photos! The tree is wonderful and I love the bark on the old tree too:)bloom tattoos