Monday, July 30, 2012

A Day With Friends...

The day was starting early.  Everyone was up and ready for the hour long drive, some little ones were still sleepy, while the older ones were filled with excitement.   We got to their home up in the hills outside the city and were greeted by the sound of kids running out and the smell of breakfast cooking.  


The kids ate on the back deck and watched the humming birds come to their feeder, completely unaware that they were there.  After breakfast, it was time for fishing and the older kids started off running through the fields to the pond while the younger ones and the adults jumped in the cars and drove to meet the amazingly fast kids down at the edge of their property.  It was time for fishing.    The sun was hot and intense, maybe not the best time to try and fish but still fun.  Benjamin had the first catch and then towards the end of our fishing Faith was able to catch one.  Oh Joy! 

A day spent with friends, a day spent exploring, a day spent running and laughing.  

A perfect day.  


  1. Great photos-can't imagine not having land to run and play on. So very precious!

  2. Carrie,

    It's so fun to see pictures of your family! Hard to believe how quick time's gone by. I appreciate your posts mentioning how important it is to enjoy each moment...

    To answer your comment, we are very happy and loving married life! We are living in Windsor in a nice little neighborhood. It's great to be near both of our families!

    It looks like you have a cow or steer? We are considering a cow for dairy at some point (have to keep it at Crandon's parents place).

    Blessings, Angela