Saturday, June 9, 2012

May Days...

The days have been full and beautiful.  
Our month started with a little trip up to Mt. Rushmore... 

and we were able to see Crazy Horse, which is an amazing story to see in progress.  
We also drove around Bear Country and spent hours swimming.

We discovered a Killdeer nest....

and got all dressed up for a costume party.
Let's see...  John and Benjamin Star Wars Jedi
Faith - a cowgirl
Olivia - "Princess Olivia, a flower girl"
Alaina - a monkey
and Brent and I with Alaina - Monkey Business

Thankfully, we were outside, just as the killdeer had hatched and were 
able to watch them run around for a minute.  Oh, such fun!

We finished our school days and started our garden.
Oh, and there was this one other big thing that happened in May...


  1. Glad I checked to see if you had posted. Love the recap of May and yes, I can't wait to see pics. You are the best daughter!!!
    Have a good morning and I'll see you later.
    See what I posted today..

  2. sounds amazing! Love the history! Ok, what else happened????

  3. Lovely update! We went to Mt. Rushmore last summer! :) We followed some of Laura Ingalls Wilder's route and listened to some of her books on CD. It was lovely!