Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcoming Autumn

We awoke this morning with plans for our Fall Harvest Party today.  We needed to clean and prepare... but before we started on our way, a little man went running to the window.  
"Look, they're harvesting the corn today!  It's perfect for our Harvest Party!"

Our friends came and we built scarecrows, had taco soup, apple cider and cookies, went on a scavenger hunt, climbed the hay stack and ran around.  It was such an enjoyable way to welcome the Autumn days.  

Yet, as the temperature slowly kept climbing, reaching almost 90 degrees, we found ourselves laughing...  is this really the first day of Fall?


  1. Love these photos my girl. What a fun day!!!
    Lots of hay you've got-think you have a cow or I know your kiddos had a fun time too.
    Hugs, Mom

  2. What a fun way to welcome this beautiful season!! Looks like the kids had a blast!