Saturday, September 17, 2011

Traveling Days...

After spending a night in St. Louis, our travels took us to Rocky Ridge Farm, the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, in Mansfield, Missouri.  Oh, what joy!  We saw Pa's fiddle, admired dresses that Laura sewed by hand, viewed pictures and toured both the home that Almanzo built and the home their daughter had built for them.  Sadly, no photos were allowed to be taken inside the homes or museum.


  1. How fun! This summer I realized that I had never read the later Little House books myself so at age 31, I've now completed the series. :-)

  2. Soo Neat! Going to read the books to the girls. I haven't heard them read since my mom read them to me when I was little. I wonder if Novalee would be interested at 4? Can't wait to hear more about your vacation!

  3. What a special family vacation you are having, my friend!! I am so enjoying all the pictures!!! *Hugs*