Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Robins

Part One
Part Two

Day 23 - Day 26 (May 4th - 7th) As Mr. and Mrs. Robin are taking care of their nest, we've been slowly searching the Internet for anything we can read on our robins.  We noticed that it looks like the eggs get moved around and here is what we found:

She also must turn or rotate the eggs several times daily. She hops on the rim of the nest and gently rolls the eggs with her bill. Turning the eggs helps keep them all at the same temperature and prevents the babies from sticking to the insides of the eggshells. Males only occasionally sit on the eggs, but they hang out in the territory throughout the daylight hours and respond immediately if the female gives a call of alarm. A male may even bring food to feed his mate, but usually she leaves the nest to feed herself.  found here.

 Day 27 (May 8th) It has been thirteen days since Mrs. Robin laid her first egg and ten days since she laid her forth egg and still the eggs sit quietly still.  According to everything we've read, the babies should hatch any day now.

Day 28 / Baby Robins Day 1 (May 9th) It's funny how we've started watching Mrs. Robin in a new way.  We are questioning her every move and wondering what is going on beneath her.  She has barely left her nest at all today but I notice she is gone right after dinner.  I run out and quickly find a little surprise.  Her first baby has hatched!!!  I call for everyone to come out and get the camera!  We are quick, we don't want Mama bird to come back and find us sneaking a peak.  :)

Day 29 / Baby Robins Day 2 (May 10th) We see Mr. and Mrs. Robin getting food for the baby and feeding it... how fun to watch!   It's after lunch before I can sneak a peek.

We find that two more baby birds have hatched.

Day 30 (May 11) It's raining here today and Mrs. Robin is not leaving her nest.  The kiddos have loved standing at the window all morning watching as Mr. Robin brings in all of the food and boy is he one busy Dad.  I guess there will be no peaking in the nest today.


  1. I love all the post on the Robin and her nest. Reminds me of when I was little. The first thing I did every spring and summer at my Grandma's Ranch when I got there was grab the ladder out of the garage and take it around to all the bird nests. I would check up on what was going on from eggs to babies, to little ones flying forth for the first time. I still remember where they all were. Sometimes there were up to seven nests at one time. I'm excited for your little ones to see them attempt to fly for the first time. So neat Carrie! Blessings, Niki :)

  2. This is so neat Carrie! Remind me of when I was a little girl. I used to spend the spring and summers growing up looking in all the nests at my Grandma's ranch. At times there were up to 6 or 7 being occupied at once. The first thing I did when I got to her house was get the ladder out of her garage so I could go around and peek in! I always loved the part where the little ones would test out flying for the first time! So fun! Blessings, Niki :)