Tuesday, April 26, 2011

before the girls came...

This last week I found myself thinking back to the days of life with just two little boys...  I was thinking back to life before three little girls... I was remembering what our days were like six years ago.

I thought the boys were active and I thought our days were full.  And, yet our days were sweet and precious; they were simple and quiet.

The boys would awake somewhere around 7 and we would have breakfast and they would usually watch a movie as I got ready for the day and had my quiet time.  They would then play and laugh as I started cleaning.  Some mornings would include bath time and then we would play outside, go to the library, visit with friends, or go grocery shopping.

Lunch time would soon be upon us and we'd all be excited that it was time to take Daddy lunch.  Daddy worked about five minutes from home and each day we'd take him a shake for lunch.  He'd come out to the car or we'd take it into him and I'd find myself visiting with my sister or the other gals at work;  we'd then sit and visit with Daddy for five minutes.  We all loved this time so much...

We'd make the drive home and then we would take a walk to our neighborhood park.  We'd swing and sing, go down the slide and run.


Nap time would follow.  Sweet nap time.  The boys would sleep and I would enjoy some quiet time myself...  I would usually work on a Bible Study, or make sure the house was nice and clean, or read, or do a little work for Brent, or sit outside, or take a nap myself... those quiet hours filled my tank, they gave me energy, they quieted my soul...

They'd awaken and we'd go back outside, we'd start to get dinner ready, and prepare for Daddy's arrival  home.

Oh, the days of just two little boys.  

Laundry would only need to be done once a week and on two mornings we would go to Daddy's work so I could get some work done.  We'd go to an upstairs room and they'd play and color while I did the paperwork.

I loved how the boys would be so content to just play together.  I loved watching them fully embrace life.   I loved hearing them make noises with their toys, get dirty while playing outside... I loved watching them play hard and then just crash fully exhausted.   Actually, I still love all of these things... 


  1. adorable photos and sweet memories. So glad you shared another piece of your wonderful family.

  2. so sweet. hahahaha, I have some matching mud photos to go with yours! =0)

  3. Looking back it seems like such an easy and sweet time when I had only two children. The days were certainly quieter then, but I remember it being very hard having two so close in age. Now as a mama of five, I wish I had appreciated those days more. I'm trying to apply my wisdom and savor each day now. :-)

  4. My boys are a little over two years apart so it wasn't intense for me because they were close in age but there were challenging days because I was still such a new mama and still had so much to learn... I'm still learning but I'm more comfortable in my role, if that makes sense. And, yes, I wish that I would have appreciated those days more.