Friday, March 18, 2011

These boys...

just crack me up.

This guy, the one who wants to make everyone laugh, decided that life would be so much better if his face was covered in chocolate.

And his brother, the one who everyone calls a young engineer, decided that when we was drawing a picture for school, we needed to know how tall the tree was.


  1. Too funny but I wonder how he got the chocolate-was it Hershey's? Your guys bring laughter to my heart.

  2. Carrie, life is so much easier when your face is covered in chocolate! I am with him :-)

  3. I am CONSTANTLY amazed at how wonderful boys truly are! :) At first, I wasn't so sure ;), but now I love 'em!

    LOL, love the chocolate "mask". It's probably all the rage in some fancy spa! :P

  4. LOVE it!! Aren't boys just wonderful :)