Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I noticed that he was concentrating hard on something.   First there was a gathering of Lego men and then some more Lego supplies.  This was nothing new though.  Lego's have been a part of his life for years.  It will sometimes start first thing in the morning, the Lego's get spread out in their play room and the building process starts, sometimes lasting for hours and days.

I could tell he had other plans.  It was more then just building.

The Lego men started gathering by the back door.  Soon he was asking if he could borrow the camera.

"Big guy, what are you wanting to do?" I quickly asked.

"Oh, I just want to take pictures of my lego men in battle.   Then we can print them off and I'll make a comic strip."  he replied.

He was soon gone with the camera hanging around his neck.  The afternoon was spent as he created scenes outside in the dirt, took the pictures, printed them out, glued them into his notebook and added the captions.

He was thrilled with the final outcome of his time spent.

And today?  The army men are being set up and the video camera is ready.  A movie is being made in our home.

I love watching these creative moments....


  1. Oh how wonderful. I need to remember to embrace these moments more since they truly are fleeting. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog today so that I could stumble here, to this lovely place!

  2. Wow. He is so creative and clever. What a great imagination to foster!!