Thursday, November 18, 2010

To think... almost a year

It was a year ago that I was 38 weeks pregnant with our fifth little one. The Christmas tree was already up, the lights on the house were up and everything was ready for the coming Christmas season. I was seeking His grace as we entered a new season...

It's almost been a year since we welcomed this precious girl into our lives, almost a year since we became a family of seven, almost a year... And oh, how good God has been.

A precious baby girl joined our lives on Thanksgiving day. It's funny because as Thanksgiving day drew near and I just had this feeling that it would be the day she arrived, I grumbled. Yet, after her birth and as the days passed, it became so clear to me that it was the most perfect day for her to be born.

Our precious Alaina, Oh, how we are so thankful for you... for your life. You are busy now, exploring the world around you as you are learning to walk and talk and yet, your favorite thing to do is just to cuddle in with Mommy... or Daddy. We treasure these days with you... and we praise God for the gift of you.


  1. Just precious!! :) She is WAY better than any 'ole turkey, I tell ya! :D

  2. What beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday Alaina!

    Blessings for this new year!

  3. oh my, I can't believe its been a year already. So precious. have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

  4. awwwww! what sweet pictures and what a reason to give thanks. =0)

  5. I somehow missed this post but love the photos. It is hard to believe it's been one year and what a precious sweet daughter you have. We just love her snuggling in. You are blessed.