Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It was Friday night and we were getting ready for prayer at a friends. Dinner was finished, dishes being loaded and everyone was busy grabbing their books.

The chatter started just as quickly as we got in the car. Livie sits in-between the boys and just as we were pulling down our street, she yells, "The boys smell like women!"

The car irrupts in laughter.

The boys smell like women?

Where did she get that? Why does she think they smell?

Just as quickly as she blurted that out, the older of the two boys, one of the two boys that was being accused of smelling like a woman, blurts out, "No, Liva stinks!"

The younger of these two boys quickly corrects, "No. Dad, Liva does not smell very good."

The laughter is dying down just a little bit and questions are starting to be asked.

Slowly the truth begins to unravel...

A little girl getting ready for prayer. She ran into Daddy and Mommy's bathroom and found Mommy's body spray. She quickly sprayed some on herself... wanting to be just like mommy.
She just put a little too much on and it was discovered in the car. She just thought it was the boys who smelled.

Oh. my. goodness. How I love these little ones. They bring so much laughter into our lives.


  1. Too adorable!!!! She is such a character, reminds me of her mama. The brings so many smiles and such joy to our lives...we are all very blessed.

  2. too funny! It is an impossible thought (but not for God!) to think about all our kids see and hear and decide they want to be just like you. Make you want to run to God. =0)