Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 days, 3000 miles

The journey started early on a Saturday morning. With the cars being packed the night before, we were ready to go. We met my parents and my sister and her family at a Safeway parking lot, the walkie-talkies were turned on, gas tanks were filled and off we went.

We would be gone for ten days.

3000 miles lay ahead of us.

Our first stop found us enjoying a day at Legoland and a day at the ocean. Then we drove north, enjoying some special moments with Brent's mom. But, the reason for this trip? My Uncle's 70th birthday. We told them that we would not miss the celebration for anything. My sister quickly added in, "we would have gone to China if that's where you wanted to celebrate it".

Lake Tahoe was our final destination, the place where we would spend the weekend celebrating. We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, swam each night, took an adventure on the Tahoe Queen and enjoyed the birthday dinner on Saturday night.

Memories were made. Sweet memories.

There was love and laughter and smiles.

Each moment was enjoyed to the fullest.

And now we are home.

We now find ourselves getting back into school and back into routines... Enjoying the cooler autumn days... Making plans for school and plans for the holidays.

Home is a beautiful place to be.


  1. Love it, love it!!!! You are so talented I think you should be the one writing the book.

  2. How fun! Legoland!!!! My kids would love this and so would my hubby! Can I just say..I LOVE YOUR SHOES~ =0)

  3. My son would be jealous for Legoland! It is his dream. :-)

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! What a fun adventure to take with you extended family! Praying for you as you settle back into a routine and ready for the holidays!