Thursday, July 22, 2010

finding a rhythm

Maybe it is the time of year, maybe it is the fact that we do in fact have five little ones right now, maybe it is just that season of life... I don't know, but all of the sudden the questions seem to be coming. Questions on homeschooling and how we do it with five children.

The questions have been good.

It's caused me to slow down and share our journey. To stop and ponder. To reflect on His goodness.

I want to bring those thoughts here... I want to record what we are doing and what works for us in this season...


Part One - living a song

Instead of a schedule, I like to find a rhythm for our days.

I started doing this as a young wife. Even then, we would do laundry on Monday nights and Racquetball on Tuesday nights. The routine changed in the coming years as we brought a sweet little boy home from the hospital one day in March. Our routine...the rhythm of our days...seem to change at each season. Even now, it looks so much different then those days as a new mom with a toddler and baby, our days look different then when we first started homeschooling and our days find a different rhythm during the long summer months.

I find a rhythm and that's where I thrive.

We know when chores get done and what chores need to get done each morning. We know what time school starts. We know the flow of school...

I know that I do laundry on Monday and Thursday. I don't try to do laundry on Tuesday when we clean... I don't get stressed because I'm trying to do everything on one day and I don't get stressed because I am just putting it all off, planning to do it tomorrow or the day after.

For me it's a knowing and an understanding. And in that, we find order and peace.

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  1. this is how we do it too. Of course it has changed with each child., but from the very beginning, I looked at what I just "normally" did that day of the week for a couple of weeks and a schedule was born. =0) What a great place to be in as a new school year is around the corner.