Wednesday, June 16, 2010

rainbows, gardens and such

:::the amazing beauty of a double rainbow:::

It's been a warm day. A sunny and beautiful day. We spent the morning over at Grandpa and Nana's enjoying the lake by their home. The kids ran and splashed, swam and laughed. We walked back to their house, hoping that their sopping wet clothes would dry a little before we got in the car to come home. It must have helped but still towels were spread across seats.

Lunches to be made, kitchen to be cleaned, a loud of laundry to be done and baby to be fed...

And then quiet time falls upon this home. Time to run out into the garden that we are so excited about this year. We have peaches, pears, plums and cherries growing on the trees, corn is coming up behind the trees and our garden boxes have potatoes, onions, zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, basil, pumpkins, and beans. And who could forget the strawberries and raspberries? Time for me to sit and read a little. Time for me to be still.

Little ones wake up and books are grabbed; Lego's are brought out and the noise level in the house seems to rise a little. We sit inside now as the sky thunders above. A warm rain falls. But soon the clouds will move on and the sun will return. It will be time to run outside again.

As that rain comes down, I remember what I read this morning and it makes me smile.

A poet stands by the window watching a summer shower. It is a fierce downpour, beating and pounding the earth. But the poet, in his mind's eye, sees more than a rain shower falling. He sees a myriad of lovely flowers raining down, soon breaking forth from the freshly watered earth, and filling it with their matchless beauty and fragrance. And so he sings:

It isn't raining rain to me- it's raining daffodils;
In every dripping drop I see wildflowers upon the hills.
A cloud of gray engulfs the day, and overwhelms the town;
It isn't raining rain to me-it's raining roses down.

From Streams in the Desert


  1. And you could say the same about raining fruits and vegetables. :)

    Don't you just love those spring thunder storms that last just long enough to wet the earth and leave you with freshness and a rainbow?

    Gorgeous photo of that double one, BTW.

    Love it and your beautiful description of a simple day of motherhood.

  2. Loved the photo-wish we could have seen it too. We had so much fun at the lake! Love the quote.
    We are blessed indeed.

  3. What a blessed day! Beautiful photos. I can not believe you are growing all that fruit. Awesome!

  4. Hi! Carrie, loved your post! I Love Rainbows, they speak "Security"!! That was beautiful:).
    And that garden stuff sounds awesome! What a blessing that your family has created! But enjoyed the sound of "Simplicity" and making everyday count for Christ! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics with us!