Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh, Colorado.

We love living here. You are simply a beautiful place to live. The mountains, the wildlife, the lakes, the farms, the snow and thunderstorms, the warmth of the sun... you have romanced our hearts and there really is no other place we would rather be right now. We have a slight problem though. You see, we moved here from California and in California we would be enjoying nice, warm weather right now. Spring weather. Warm days with maybe a little rain here and there.

Oh, Colorado. Do you know what Spring weather is? I don't know. Maybe you've forgotten. Today we woke up with two inches of snow on the ground. Oh, how silly you are.

We love experiencing the four seasons here. We really do. But, snow in May? That seems a bit silly. We really are ready for warm days and planting. Our veggie boxes sit almost all ready. Now we just wait for you. Are you, dear Colorado, ready to let us enjoy some warmer days?

I'll forgive you today. We're still getting over our colds so a day inside is nice. Yes, I know fresh snow on the ground is beautiful. It may seem silly to you, but we really are just ready for the warmer days to be here for good. We'll look forward to the snow next winter.

So, dear Colorado, can you please remember that we only have a little more then five weeks until summer? We would just really appreciate it. :)


  1. So sorry you have snow. Really.

    Spring will come, I'm pretty sure :)

  2. we love colorado! we usually vacation there during mud season. It always surprises me when there is snow in June!

  3. oh no, I could not do snow in May. I am a northeast girl and do not mind the snow, but May is Spring and Spring equals no more snow!!!