Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last night rain and hail were falling as we drove into the garage. There was a quick exit from the car for the warm rain was calling names. It was time to dance, time to run, time to ride bikes... it was time to enjoy the rain falling on heads. Then all at once we noticed him. A little friend that confused us as we stood and watched him. So much like a hummingbird and yet not quite... he let us stand and visit with him for several minutes.

He finally flew away, ready to find his next meal and we went back to playing and unloading the car. Once we had a few minutes, the search began. What was our little visitor? And, then we found him...

A White-Lined Sphinx Hummingbird Moth. We are so thankful he came and visited for a few minutes.


  1. We had one of these once on our yard, as well. But I've never seen one since. They are so fascinating, aren't they.

  2. whoa, that is a crazy looking little bird moth. =0)I agree, fascinating!