Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Secret Mission

The table has been set and decorated. We're being given a secret mission tonight. The names are in one bowl. And the missions are in another. A way to bless those we love...

We talk and laugh. Enjoying our meal together. Thankful to be surrounded by love. As the meal comes to end, smiles come across little faces. What are the bowls for? What's our mission? We explain and pass the bowls. Each hand pulling out a name and then their mission.

We clear the plates and get the dishes done. Already, I have an eager little one wanting to help with the dishes. For some, their mission has already started for others it is time to start thinking. Brainstorming. How will we get this done without being known. We've each been given a name and a mission. We'll try to fulfill our mission without being noticed. We have 24 hours.


  1. This sound utterly wonderful...I would love to hear more on what missions you assign....sucha neat creative idea! Feel free to email me (I am also on FB)