Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Secret Mission Part 2

The secret missions had been given and, oh, how fun it was. There was a lot of whispering, a lot of quiet running around, a lot of surprises and a lot of smiles. Smiles and love being shown... That was exactly what we were wanting with this project.

Who snuck in and made my bed?

Who got me this snack?

The anticipation for dinner time was growing and I had to keep reminding them not to ask who had them and to not give out little clues as to who they had. Somehow we made it to the dinner time without any information being given away. And then as we sat down for dinner the questions started pouring forth and, of course, the guesses. Some were right and some it took a little longer to guess correctly. It brought for more smiles and laughter...

It was wonderful for us to watch as everyone worked hard to quietly serve someone in the family. I think we will have to do this again... maybe monthly. Don't we all need to be challenged to serve those close to us sometimes? I know I do.


  1. Oh, this sounds like so much fun! What a great idea!

  2. My girl, You constantly, joyfully serve others-you don't need to be challenged because it is in the very essence of who you are in Christ. So great to hear how everyone eagerly wanted to do this.

  3. That sounds so fun Carrie! Thanks for the neat idea.



  4. Carrie,
    I love this idea! We'll definitely have to try it. :)

  5. I love this idea too. we are going to have to try it. Just brainstorming how to get these little ones to "keep" the secret. lol Kelly

  6. Carrie, this is idea is a keeper! Thank you so much for sharing it... I can just picture your little ones, serving each other in special ways. What a beautiful example of "the body" doing what brings joy to the heart of our Father! *Hugs*

  7. I LOVE this idea... what a perfect way to teach the little people (and us!) to intentionally love and serve each other. I might have to steal your secret mission plan!