Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This year I was so excited to have a designated "school area" in our basement. We've always done our school at the kitchen table or in the family room and this year... to finally have a school area... I loved it. And I still do.

We will need to get a bigger table as this one seems to be getting a little too small for four kiddos to sit around. :)

Yet, we love to move around when we are doing school... some days we will spend time in our lovely school area. Then on those cold, snowy days we will find ourselves being drawn to the warmth of the fireplace.

Some days we just don't make it downstairs. Instead, we sit at the kitchen table and enjoy the warmth of the sun flooding in through the windows. We'll pause as we watch the bunnies playing or as we see the hawk swoop down to get its next meal in the field behind us.

And as Spring seems to be playing with us, we are being pulled outside. We'll sit on the deck to do our school and sometimes move to the trampoline to read and watch the birds.

Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality.

Beatrix Potter

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  1. I love your school area too! The flexibility in homeschooling is amazing!!